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FEND, an acronym for - Foster, Educate, Network, Defend, is a new 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit organization located in Massachusetts. Developed in response to the heartbreaking story of Puppy Doe, and the lack of regulation for rehoming pets on sites like Craigslist, we are committed to protecting and improving the lives of all pets through innovative, technology-driven products and programs.

Please visit www.fend.ngo to learn more, make a donation, or to sign up for our newsletter - which includes information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, news about the Puppy Doe trial, and the latest news and progress on the Craigslist campaign.

The story of “Puppy Doe” broke hearts across the globe.

My name is Joyel, and grew up in the same city where Puppy Doe was tortured. Like every dog lover, I was heartbroken when I learned what had happened to this innocent soul, and when I learned she fell into the hands of her abuser via a Craigslist ad, I was infuriated.

On September 21st, 2013, just a few days after the story made the news, I started a petition asking Craigslist to change their policies on pet ads.

Since then, nearly 400,000 people have signed my petition on Change.org asking Craigslist to review their policies and make changes that will help keep animals safe.

I’m asking everyone who has signed that original petition to join FEND’s mission to implement life-changing programs that will help prevent violent crimes from being committed against our pets.

Please visit www.fend.ngo to learn more.

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